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It’s time to earn more on your cash.

Earn more than 3.3% annually by investing in Treasury bills – the low risk, high reward way to get the most from your money.

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When investing, your capital may be at risk.

Treasury bills – A smarter way to reach your financial goals.

Growing your cash shouldn’t mean locking it away in a low-interest savings account. There's a better alternative out there – investing in Treasury bills.

Regarded as one of the safest assets you can own and easily converted to cash whenever you want, Treasury bills are a simple and secure way to earn more.

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Low-risk and secure

Treasury bills are short-term government bonds, issued and guaranteed by a country's own treasury, so they are considered low risk investments.

No lock-in periods

Due to their safe nature, there is very strong demand for Treasury bills all year round, so you can convert your holdings to cash in a matter of hours.

Higher returns

European Treasury bills yields are currently more than 3.3% annually, helping you unlock the true potential of your cash.

Treasury bills vs.
traditional bank deposits.

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Traditional bank
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Typical annual gains
Indicative annual gains, after fees.
Indicative annual gains, after fees. Remember, when investing your capital may be at risk.
Cyprus MFI interest rate for household deposits with agreed maturity up to 1 year.
Indicative annual yield of the 1-year German Bubill as of 5th Apr 2024.
Credit rating
Typical Cypriot bank.
German credit rating according to Fitch, S&P and Moody's.

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"Sophic proves that Treasury bills are not limited to sophisticated investors or large corporations. With its simple investment process, everyday investors can confidently explore their options and make investments, moving beyond traditional banking.”

Natasa Pilides

Former Energy, Commerce and Industry Minister

“I highly recommend Athlos Capital for cash management. As a client, both personally and professionally, I have consistently been impressed with their expertise and the world-class partners they work with. Sophic is definitely the obvious next step.”

Pavlos Loizou

CEO & Co-founder, Ask Wire

"When deposit rates don't keep up with bond yields, it makes sense to turn to Treasury bills for their safety, liquidity, and higher return potential. Sophic enables everyone to get their money's worth from cash alternatives which have long been the prerogative of institutional investors."

Georgios Georgiou

Managing Director, Allianz Global Investors

Your wealth,
our responsibility.

Top-tier asset safeguarding

Your funds are kept in segregated accounts at JPMorgan, away from our own operating cash, and your assets are safeguarded by SIX Group, one of the largest custodians internationally.

Regulated across Europe

We’re authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (licence number 348/17) for operating across the European Union.

Data protection & privacy

We are committed to taking all necessary steps to store, transmit and process your personal data following industry-standard security practices and GDPR.

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What are treasury bills? How do they work?

Treasury bills, or T-Bills, are short-term financial instruments that governments issue, typically with a maturity (duration) of up to one year. They are a form of investment where you essentially lend money to the government (like a regular government bond), which in turn promises to pay you back on the day the bill matures.

Unlike regular bonds, Treasury bills do not pay interest every year. Instead, they are issued at a discount to their face value meaning you pay less to buy them today than what they will be worth at maturity, and the difference will be your profit.

Let's work through an example. The European Union issues a Treasury bill that matures in 1 year with a yield of 4%. This means that what you will receive back at maturity will be 4% more than what you will pay now. On issue day, you buy €1000 worth of the EU Treasury bill. A year later, upon maturity, the EU pays you back €1040 (your initial €1000 + 4%) so you've made €40 in profit.

What happens when a Treasury bill matures?

When your Treasury bill matures, its life is over. The issuing government will pay you the full face value of the bond so you will receive cash in your Sophic account and your treasury bill will no longer appear in your investment list.

Is my capital at risk with Treasury bills?

Due to their short-term maturity (up to 1-year) and because they are backed by the government of the issuer country, Treasury bills are widely considered as low-risk and secure investments.

However, if the government that has issued the Treasury bills defaults, you may get back part or none of your initial investment.

Moreover, if you sell your Treasury bills before their maturity, there could be a gain or loss depending on where their prices are trading at the time of the sale. In simple words, if sold early, the sale price of the Treasury bill could be lower than the original purchase price.

Can I sell my Treasury bill before maturity?

Yes you can, the Treasury bill is one of the most liquid markets in the world. If you decide to sell before maturity, your return will be proportional to the time you kept the bill, assuming short-term rates do not materially change.

For example if you buy a 1-year bill on issue day and sell it after 6 months, your return will be approximately half of the annual yield of the bill.

It's important to note that the price you will receive will depend on market conditions, and you may receive less than what you initially paid if interest rates have risen.

How long does it take to open an account?

It takes less than 10 minutes! We're required by the regulator to ask a series of questions regarding your employment, financial status and investment knowledge and perform an ID document verification.

Please have your ID or passport and a recent utility bill or bank statement at hand before you start the onboarding process.

Am I eligible to invest with Sophic?

You are eligible to invest with Sophic if you are at least 18 years of age and able to provide a valid proof of identity and a recent proof of address.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

We currently have an account opening minimum deposit of €20,000. After your account is open, there is no minimum deposit but each Treasury bill might have a minimum investment amount associated with it, depending on liquidity. You can find the minimums on the Treasury bill cards in the Sophic portal.

What are your fees?

We currently charge two fees:

> 0.3% annual service fee on your invested balance only. There are no fees on your cash balance.

> €10 per order (buy or sell) to cover our settlement costs. There are no fees for deposits, withdrawals or bill maturities.

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